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Do you use acrylic or glass for a borderless transparent swimming pool?


The construction advantages of acrylic swimming pool, also known as methyl methacrylate swimming pool and organic glass swimming pool.

From a safety perspective, transparent swimming pools must be made of acrylic thick plates. Acrylic has a strong impact resistance, 100 times that of glass and 16 times that of tempered glass. Its transparency is very good, with a typical glass transmittance of 82% -89%, and the best ultra white glass can only reach 89%. Acrylic has a transmittance of up to 92%, and it also has good processing performance, which can be mechanically processed and thermally formed.

Acrylic swimming pool, also known as methyl methacrylate swimming pool and organic glass swimming pool. The entire swimming pool should have uniform color, smooth surface, and no layering, bubbles, etc. The surface thickness is generally over 50 millimeters. Acrylic swimming pools have slow heat transfer, good insulation, and no "cold" feeling when in contact with the body surface. Compared with cast iron or steel swimming pools, they have a more warm and soft feeling. Although it is also a type of glass But acrylic is not as fragile as glass The resistance to impact is 200 times stronger than ordinary glass, and it is almost unbreakable. Its load-bearing capacity changes with thickness, and the thicker it becomes, the stronger it becomes. Acrylic has a hard side and soft characteristics, and it is very suitable for shaping. The curvature of the corners can be reflected through technology. Acrylic board has excellent surface finish, its wear resistance is equivalent to aluminum, it is not easy to scratch, and it is easy to clean. If sharp scratches occur, such scratches also Easy to repair, ordinary white toothpaste can be wiped, pigments can be integrated into the board, and the color is very stable. After long-term exposure to light and rain, it is not easy to fade, has a smooth feel, and does not have sweat stains or fingerprints.

Acrylic swimming pools were not common in the past, but as Southeast Asian and European countries began to use acrylic as a side panel and transparent bottom plate for endless swimming pools, the acrylic swimming pool market gradually gained attention. The acrylic swimming pool is made of acrylic thick plates, which meet various required shape conditions due to their excellent weather resistance, good surface hardness and luster, and high processing plasticity. Widely used for the construction of endless swimming pools and transparent swimming pools in leisure resort hotels, private villas, and high-end clubs.