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How to choose the thickness of the acrylic swimming pool construction sheet?


The acrylic swimming pool is constructed with acrylic panels, and the transparent swimming pool can be seen on the surface. The acrylic material is soft, with a light transmittance of over 93%, and the visual effect is better. The impact resistance of acrylic is 100 times stronger than ordinary glass and 16 times higher than tempered glass, making it the perfect safe and durable material for swimming pools.

Friends often ask how to calculate the thickness of acrylic swimming pool acrylic panels and what thickness is appropriate. In order to achieve safety and save money, there are generally two commonly used calculation methods. 1、 Based on experience, second, after rigorous calculations, the optimal solution is ultimately selected.

Let's talk about empirical methods first, let's take the transparent side panels of acrylic swimming pools as an example. The thickness of the acrylic swimming pool board is closely related to the depth of the pool and the length of the transparent surface of the acrylic swimming pool. The thickness also has a significant impact on the price.

Acrylic is a flexible plastic that undergoes deformation when subjected to pressure. The transparent surface of acrylic swimming pools is generally fixed on three sides without a fixed structure. Therefore, when considering making acrylic swimming pools, we not only need to consider safety, but also aesthetics, without any deformation.

For example, the conventional size of an acrylic swimming pool is about 10 meters, and the water depth is 1.2 meters. Based on past experience, it is generally recommended that the thickness of the acrylic board be below 120 millimeters. If it is a longer acrylic swimming pool board, the thickness of the acrylic board needs to be increased accordingly according to the specific length. In fact, only materials with appropriate length and thickness can achieve good results, and the scientific method is of course finite element analysis and calculation based on specific project parameters.

In general, the thickness of acrylic panels is determined based on factors such as geographical location, climate, and actual usage. Our team can use ANSYS finite element analysis for different situations and increase safety factors or reinforcement plans to ensure the safe and reliable use of the swimming pool. At the same time, we will also develop different plans to meet the customer's usage needs!

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